Want to Know Which Comics We’ve Banned at Stand Up NY

I won’t be naming names here (ok, I will name one comic) but I will tell a few stories which upset the club owners/management which led us to tell our Booker “let’s not book that comic for a while”.


  1. A comic was so upset with their set that they walked off stage and on their way out of the showroom punched a hole in the wall with his fist. We paid $175 for a roll of wallpaper when we renovated the club back in 2009! So we were pretty upset at the time…
  2. One night during the summer, our air conditioning went out and the host of night walked off stage after opening the show and went on a tantrum yelling at me “it’s so f***ing hot in that showroom! Run your business! This is your business!”. I’m like, calm down dude things break once in a while.

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